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Flora & Fauna in Saudi Arabia


Flora and fauna in Saudi Arabia largely depend on the climatic conditions and the vegetation of the place. Being a desert country, the plants and animals are so featured, that they easily adapt to the harsh weather conditions of Saudi Arabia. Parts of the country are included within the North African Indian Desert. Rainfall in most parts of the country is very scarce and the summer season is the time of maximum rainfall. This is the reason why the vegetation in Saudi Arabia is either absent or is of xerophytic type. In the coastal regions and the highland areas, the vegetation is better because of the relatively high humidity.


The Southern Asir region has grasslands and trees, which makes this region unique from the rest of Saudi Arabia. As such, the most frequent plant in the country is date palm and most of the date palms are grown in the Al-Sharquiyah province. There are many other shrubs and herbs, which can endure harsh weather conditions.


Animal life includes wolves, hyenas, mongooses, baboons, hares, sand rats, and jerboas. Larger animals such as gazelles, oryx and leopards were relatively numerous until the 1950s, when hunting from motor vehicles reduced these animals almost to extinction. Birds include falcons (which are caught and trained for hunting), eagles, hawks, vultures, sand grouse and bulbuls. There are several species of snakes, many of which are poisonous, and numerous types of lizards. There is a wide variety of marine life in the Persian Gulf. Domesticated animals include camels, sheep, goats, donkeys, and chickens.




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