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Maids in Saudi Arabia (Domestic Help)

Good, trained maids are not difficult to locate, and it is often possible to retain your predecessor’s servants. Most workers are from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, or Eritrea. Wages for full-time help range from $300 to $600 a month plus food and lodging or food allowance. Please note that live in maids are only allowed to families.Many people share the services of one maid and pay about $5 (SR 20) per hour.

Employers supply medical care and often some clothing and uniforms. Maids do not work on Fridays and have Saudi holidays off. Bonuses, totaling a month’s salary, are expected for full-time maids and are paid in two installments, half at Ramadan and half at Haj for Muslim servants, or for Christians, half at Christmas and half at Easter.

There are limited servants quarters available in the Embassy housing, and these are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Counselor level housing has live-in servants quarters. Because no high school is located in Riyadh, teenage babysitters are scarce.





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