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Transnational Issues

Disputes – International

Saudi Arabia has reinforced its concrete-filled security barrier along sections of the now fully demarcated border with Yemen to stem illegal cross-border activities. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia continue discussions on a maritime boundary with Iran. Saudi Arabia also claims Egyptian-administered islands of Tiran and Sanafir.

Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

In 2007, there were 240,015 refugees from the Palestinian Territories.

Trafficking in Persons

Saudi Arabia is a destination country for men and women subjected to forced labour and to a much lesser extent, forced prostitution. Men and women from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and many other countries voluntarily travel to Saudi Arabia as domestic servants or other low-skilled labourers, but some subsequently face conditions indicative of involuntary servitude. Women, primarily from Asian and African countries, were believed to have been forced into prostitution in Saudi Arabia, while others were reportedly kidnapped and forced into prostitution after running away from abusive employers. Yemeni, Nigerian, Pakistani, Afghan, Chadian and Sudanese children were subjected to forced labour as beggars and street vendors in Saudi Arabia, facilitated by criminal gangs. Some Saudi nationals travel to destinations including Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to solicit prostitution.

Illicit Drugs

There is a death penalty for traffickers. Saudi Arabia also has improved its anti-money-laundering legislation and enforcement.





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